Product code SD77000

Operator for pedestrian sliding doors with 2 leaf with max weight 120+120 kg. useful passage 900 mm and crosspiece width 3000 mm.


-Available in single or double-leaf versions, ATIS provides a clear passage that ranges from 900 mm to a maximum of 3000 mm.

Designed to be installed in emergency escape routes, ATIS automatic doors are extremely safe, reliable and easy to install.

The “redundant” system ensures that, should any part of the main automation system fail, the secondary system will take over to perform emergency opening of the automatic door, while the incorporated emergency battery ensures that the door will open in emergency mode within 5 seconds, in the event of a malfunction

Main Features

ATTIS has exceeded 1,000,000 cycles (4,000 cycles/day) in durability tests, in an environment with a temperature range of between -15° C and +50° C, and is certified at IP22 protection class. Its minutes.

A precise, safe and reliable technology; Blanco 24V technology ensures irreversible maneuver in addition to reliable performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stop and reverse of movement in the presence of obstacles.
The thrust must be under control! Unlike conventional control units which apply constant trust during maneuver, Blanco smart torque management system gathers data from several sensors and analysis them through microprocessor. As a result, sufficient level of thrust is applied to the gate according to output force, wind level, gate weight and etc. this technology not only provide soft movement during operation but also, prevent damages to the system and several errors.
User friendly is a key significant in BLANCO products. It ensures fast and easy installation just by following installation and safety guides.
Power failure is not a matter anymore as 24V series of BLANCO products has the back-up battery option to be ready to use in this situation.
Control unit programing have not been so easy! It required only few steps to start quick setting and the control unit will set required values for normal operation automatically based on existing conditions like gate weight.
The special feature of Blanco products provides adjustment of soft and standard movement according to gate’s weight and dimension in three different steps: soft start, steady movement, and soft stop
The possibility of supporting rapid movement is a critical parameter in complexes. This family of Blanco product can be used according to its strong performance and permanent work.
A contactless high-resolution device for detecting the operator position and provides exact programing and improves smoothness of overall movement during acceleration and slowdown. It also senses if gate leaves reach an obstacle and reverse the movement.


Technical features PLUS L ADVANCED
Product type ATTIS SL ATTIS DL
Nominal power consumption 230 W
Leaf type Sliding
Number of doors 1 leaf 2 leaves
Door weight 120+120 Kg 150 Kg
Manual cycle Reversible
Motor type Dunker / Blanco motor
Type of limit switch Encoder + mechanical stop for opening
Clear opening 900 ~ 3000 mm
Opening speed up to 2 m/s