Product code R 170xx



Side Motor
Characteristics of rolling door motor & operator:
*. Compact construction, large torque, and running without noise.
*. Patented in structure, smooth brake, and not sliding down.
*. The motor will not burn down for the protection of thermal effect.
*. Separate circuit control ensures the security.
*. If attached with smoke sensor, connector, etc., it promotes to be fire-proof shutters.
*. UPS automatic system is available. No bother of power failure.

A precise, safe and reliable technology; Blanco 24V technology ensures irreversible maneuver in addition to reliable performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stop and reverse of movement in the presence of obstacles.
The thrust must be under control! Unlike conventional control units which apply constant trust during maneuver, Blanco smart torque management system gathers data from several sensors and analysis them through microprocessor. As a result, sufficient level of thrust is applied to the gate according to output force, wind level, gate weight and etc. this technology not only provide soft movement during operation but also, prevent damages to the system and several errors.
Blanco roll up motors equipped with a mechanical safety devise named Parachute that avoids shutter falling down in the case of gearbox or junction failure. This device prevents any damage to pedestrians or vehicles may be passed the corridor at the same time.
Power failure is not a matter anymore as 24V series of BLANCO products has the back-up battery option to be ready to use in this situation.
This Blanco product has the ability to use Fix-code remotes, Fix-code remotes are easily accessible and can be configured easily.
These series of BLANCO products are suitable for industrial purpose and designed for heavy and oversized gates.
The special feature of Blanco products provides adjustment of soft and standard movement according to gate’s weight and dimension in three different steps: soft start, steady movement, and soft stop


Technical features PLUS L ADVANCED
Part No. 300 Ultra 600 800 1000
Power Supply 24 V/DC 24 V/DC 24 V/DC 24 V/DC 24 V/DC
Motor output 420 W 465 W 565 W 630 W 750 W
Shaft Speed (50 / 60Hz) 28/35 rpm 28/35 rpm 28/35 rpm 20/24 rpm 14/17.5 rpm
Rotation speed 6.2 6.2 5.2 4.6 4.6
Sprocket Motor / Barrel 9T/50T 9T/50T 9T/50T 9T/50T 11T/48T
Roller Chain #530 #530 #530 #640 #640×2
Barrel DIM 4”(114mm) 4”(114mm) 5”(140mm) 5”(140mm) 6”(165mm)
Max. Roll-Up Load 300kg 400kg 600kg 800kg 1000kg
Max. Height 5.5M 6M 6M 6M 8M
N.W 11kg 12kg 13.5kg 15.5kg 42kg
L x W x H (mm) 200x200x480 200x200x480 200x200x520 200x200x550 330x390x650