Product code SG44240

AC motor with great force up to 1500Kg output and perfect for Heavy gate Application



-User-friendly control board with torques for overcurrent and force adjustment

-Solid structure with worm gear to enhance durability

-Soft Star and Soft Close provide smooth operation and crash prevention

Main Features

Open/close gates with precision through limit switch

Operators with 230v power supply are suitable for heavy gates like what are used for commercial and industrial purpose. BLANCO 230v series are equipped with thermal break sensors and passed several standards to ensure safety and durability.
An electromechanical operator is a combination of an electromotor and a gear box that results to a soft, controlled movement in addition to minimum erosion. In comparison to hydraulic operators, electromechanical systems are cheaper and less sensitive to temperature variations.
Key release mechanism is installed on some series of BLANCO products that increases safety through assigning a unique release key for each operator.
The thrust must be under control! Unlike conventional control units which apply constant trust during maneuver, Blanco smart torque management system gathers data from several sensors and analysis them through microprocessor. As a result, sufficient level of thrust is applied to the gate according to output force, wind level, gate weight and etc. this technology not only provide soft movement during operation but also, prevent damages to the system and several errors.
User friendly is a key significant in BLANCO products. It ensures fast and easy installation just by following installation and safety guides.
BLANCO transmitters use a unique rolling code system that generates each time by pressing the remote button. The code generation is based on an algorithm and is secured against hacking.
The special feature of Blanco products provides adjustment of soft and standard movement according to gate’s weight and dimension in three different steps: soft start, steady movement, and soft stop
These series of BLANCO products are suitable for industrial purpose and designed for heavy and oversized gates.



Technical features PLUS L ADVANCED
Product type ZEUS 700 ZEUS 1000 ZEUS 1500
Input power supply 230 V
Motor voltage 230 V
Gear type Worm Gear
Power consumption 305w 420w 440w
Max. width of door/gate wing 7 m 10m 12m
Max. weight of door/gate wing 700 kg 1000kg 1500kg
Peak trust 7000N 10000N 12000N
Absorbed current 1.32A 1.85A 1.94A
Gate speed 19.78cm/s
Slowdown Yes
Locking Mechanical
Release Lever and personal key
Impact reaction Anti-crash
Frequency of use Semi-intensive
Protection rating IP54
Environmental conditions -20 ‍~ 50 °C





Micro switch Triggers Adjusting Screws


User Manual