Product code S35000

Irreversible electromechanical operator 24 V for swing gates weighting up to 250 kg and 2.5 m long.



Perfect Choice for Swing gates under 250 kg
-Motor operating duty cycle high enough which can sustain intensive use
-High flexibility on installation: no left/right motor differentiation

Main Features

Allen Key manual release is available when meeting emergencies

A precise, safe and reliable technology; Blanco 24V technology ensures irreversible maneuver in addition to reliable performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stop and reverse of movement in the presence of obstacles.
An electromechanical operator is a combination of an electromotor and a gear box that results to a soft, controlled movement in addition to minimum erosion. In comparison to hydraulic operators, electromechanical systems are cheaper and less sensitive to temperature variations.
Power failure is not a matter anymore as 24V series of BLANCO products has the back-up battery option to be ready to use in this situation.
Key release mechanism is installed on some series of BLANCO products that increases safety through assigning a unique release key for each operator.
Control unit programing have not been so easy! It required only few steps to start quick setting and the control unit will set required values for normal operation automatically based on existing conditions like gate weight.
In the eve of technology, application of light weigh stronger material is getting on the spotlight in new designs. These series of BLANCO products not only have light weight but also benefits from higher technology and special light weight materials like composites.
BLANCO transmitters use a unique rolling code system that generates each time by pressing the remote button. The code generation is based on an algorithm and is secured against hacking.
This Blanco product offers hi-performance economic solution for residential buildings. A Wide range of products guaranties a suitable option for any kind of doors and gates. These series of operators benefits from silent movement, easy installation and maintenance, and the latest technology of automation industries.


Technical features PLUS L ADVANCED
Input power supply 230 V
Motor voltage 24 V
Power consumption 100 W
Max. width of door/gate wing 2.5 m
Max. weight of door/gate wing 250 kg
Useful rod stroke 400 mm
Maximum angle 120 °
Cycle time 14 s
Absorbed current 4.2 A
Slowdown Yes
Locking Mechanical
Release Allen key
Impact reaction Anti-crash
Frequency of use Very intensive
Protection rating IP54
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 50 °C
Remote-hades-001 Photo-Sensors-hades-01 Flasher-hades-001 hades-0004

Remote x 2

Beam Sensors


Hades Arms

Board Box Main Board