Product code B73010

The chain barrier for passages up to 20m to easily mark off parking places and driveways.



The coating surface of the column CUPID casing is of type “textured finish” which has a higher quality rather than smooth one.
It allows an improvement of the aesthetics of the product and will ensure a better robustness to small scratches and marks due to handling during the installation process.
This kind of varnish will also enhance the aging effect, keeping longer the original color.

Main Features

Gearmotor 24 Vdc with encoder. On-board control unit with slowing-downs both in opening and closing phases. Pillar height 1010 mm.

A precise, safe and reliable technology; Blanco 24V technology ensures irreversible maneuver in addition to reliable performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stop and reverse of movement in the presence of obstacles.
An electromechanical operator is a combination of an electromotor and a gear box that results to a soft, controlled movement in addition to minimum erosion. In comparison to hydraulic operators, electromechanical systems are cheaper and less sensitive to temperature variations.
Power failure is not a matter anymore as 24V series of BLANCO products has the back-up battery option to be ready to use in this situation.
These series of BLANCO products are suitable for industrial purpose and designed for heavy and oversized gates.
This Blanco product has the ability to use Fix-code remotes, Fix-code remotes are easily accessible and can be configured easily.
BLANCO products are the best choice in terms of durability, cost efficiency and functionality. They are roll-formed during our in-house production process. For optimal weather resistance, our roller shutters are coated using a double-layer thick coating process. Thanks to the varied design options when selecting the surface finishing, and the wide range of shapes and types to choose from, the BLANCO products are truly exclusive when it comes to design.
A contactless high-resolution device for detecting the operator position and provides exact programing and improves smoothness of overall movement during acceleration and slowdown. It also senses if gate leaves reach an obstacle and reverse the movement.


Technical features cupid
Input power supply 230 V
Motor voltage 24 V
Power consumption 60 W
Max. length of chain 20 m
Frequency of use Intensive use
Max. weight of chain 8.5 Kg
Absorbed current 1 A
Frequency of use Very intensive
Protection rating IP44
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 50 °C