Product code B72010

Strong, fast and safe barrier for car parks.



  • DEMETER electromechanical gearmotor, ideal for parking lots where a frequent operation is needed.
  • Easy and quick adjustment of limit switches allowing precise opening and closing.
  • Valuable mechanics and ventilated motor, granting total reliability.
  • Columns treated with cataphoresis process and thermosetting painting.
  • Innovative control unit that allows the managing critical parameters.
Main Features

DEMETER Street barrier 230 Vac with on-board control unit for bars up to 6 m with opening time 6 seconds. On-board control unit with radio receiver, supporting safety devices and managing of critical parameters through the control unit.

Operators with 230v power supply are suitable for heavy gates like what are used for commercial and industrial purpose. BLANCO 230v series are equipped with thermal break sensors and passed several standards to ensure safety and durability.
An electromechanical operator is a combination of an electromotor and a gear box that results to a soft, controlled movement in addition to minimum erosion. In comparison to hydraulic operators, electromechanical systems are cheaper and less sensitive to temperature variations.
Control unit programing have not been so easy! It required only few steps to start quick setting and the control unit will set required values for normal operation automatically based on existing conditions like gate weight.
This Blanco product has the ability to use Fix-code remotes, Fix-code remotes are easily accessible and can be configured easily.
The special feature of Blanco products provides adjustment of soft and standard movement according to gate’s weight and dimension in three different steps: soft start, steady movement, and soft stop
These series of BLANCO products are suitable for industrial purpose and designed for heavy and oversized gates.
BLANCO products are the best choice in terms of durability, cost efficiency and functionality. They are roll-formed during our in-house production process. For optimal weather resistance, our roller shutters are coated using a double-layer thick coating process. Thanks to the varied design options when selecting the surface finishing, and the wide range of shapes and types to choose from, the BLANCO products are truly exclusive when it comes to design.


Technical features Demeter
Input power supply 230 V
Motor voltage 230 V
Power consumption 90 W
Max. length boom 6 m
Frequency of use 4000 cycles/day
Cycle time 6 s
Absorbed current 0.6 ~ 1 A
Boom and body Light No
Release mechanism Manual release handle
Body material Steel with antistatic painting  
Frequency of use Very intensive
Protection rating IP55
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 50 °C