Product code B74010

The ideal solution to apply to parking guards in both residential and public settings by using a radio control to save assigned parking spaces.



  • Works in emergency mode during blackouts.
  • Available in two models, small and large, and features a simple, functional anchoring base.
  • Safety is ensured thanks to the obstacle detecting amperometric device which also manages the open/close limits
Main Features

Anti-collision level by positive and negative 180-degree movement

A precise, safe and reliable technology; Blanco 24V technology ensures irreversible maneuver in addition to reliable performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stop and reverse of movement in the presence of obstacles.
Power failure is not a matter anymore as 24V series of BLANCO products has the back-up battery option to be ready to use in this situation.
In the eve of technology, application of light weigh stronger material is getting on the spotlight in new designs. These series of BLANCO products not only have light weight but also benefits from higher technology and special light weight materials like composites.
This Blanco product has the ability to use Fix-code remotes, Fix-code remotes are easily accessible and can be configured easily.
This Blanco product offers hi-performance economic solution for residential buildings. A Wide range of products guaranties a suitable option for any kind of doors and gates. These series of operators benefits from silent movement, easy installation and maintenance, and the latest technology of automation industries.
BLANCO products are the best choice in terms of durability, cost efficiency and functionality. They are roll-formed during our in-house production process. For optimal weather resistance, our roller shutters are coated using a double-layer thick coating process. Thanks to the varied design options when selecting the surface finishing, and the wide range of shapes and types to choose from, the BLANCO products are truly exclusive when it comes to design.


Technical features kratos
Input power supply 230 V
Motor voltage DC 6 V
Absorbed current 3.5 A
Cycle time 6s
Control mode Remote control / sensors
Power supply mode Lithium battery/ dry power
Features Protective cover car rolling
Body material Thick material/ strong impact resistance
Usable during power failure Yes
Release mechanism Warn and rest when meeting external force
Body material Steel with antistatic painting 
Frequency of use Intensive
Protection rating IP67
Environmental conditions -10 ÷ 55 °C